People Training for Dogs

Dog trainers train dogs, but what happens when the trainer goes home and your dog still isn’t behaving? That’s why we, as dog lovers, need a little training too…

Dogs want to please.  It is in their nature.  When a dog is "acting up" it is usually because they are either scared or unaware of what their owner, or handler, wants from them.

There are a variety of simple ways to change this behavior through one on one or family training sessions.  Every training is customized to your dog's individual needs.  Some of the behavior Charlie can help change:

  • Excessive jumping and hyper activity.
  • Constant barking.
  • Over excitement when people enter the home.
  • Pulling or not walking while on a leash.
  • Basic "tricks" such as "sit", "stay" & "come".
  • Begging for food.
  • Jumping on furniture.
  • Housebreaking. 
  • Many more...

Ask about our all inclusive Puppy Package which helps with housebreaking, leash lessons, sleeping through the night and everything else you need when you bring home the newest member of your family!

Charlie began training his own dogs with his Boxer, George, at the age of 13.  The knowledge and real life, tangible experience he has is evident with his two Bulldogs, Cupcake and Gracie whose pictures you can see below.  

All pricing is custom, call today and discuss a plan that works for you and your furry friend.

Additionally, here are some of Cupcake and Gracie's favorite things: Jolly Jumper Balls, Spunky Pet Toys, Bellcate School Dog Treats (make sure to read their story, it will warm your heart) and if you love to travel with your dog, The Girls love Kimpton Hotels and The Graduate Hotels which are both always welcome dogs with no restrictions.

All clients will also receive a 10% discount from USA Dog Shop, which is a phenomenal small business, just outside NYC.  They have invented a No-Pull Harness that is a lifesaver for any dog, plus all products they sell are vetted and made right here in The USA!