& Bulldogs

Charles E. Panoff III
Licensed Real Estate Broker

Charles E. Panoff III, or "Charlie The Bulldog Guy" as most people know him, is an Independent Licensed Real Estate Broker in New York.  In addition to being a trusted consultant for his clients, Charlie wants to help people become a better version of their professional self and works with various coaching companies helping people in many industries.

All About Charlie

Who is Charlie and what does he do?

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Real Estate Consulting

Whether you're an experienced real estate investor, a first time home buyer, looking for a home valuation or a luxury rental while renovating, let Charlie be your team lead.

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People Training for Dogs

When dogs have behavioral issues, it is usually their handlers that need the training, not the dog. Charlie can help.

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Aside from helping on all sides of real estate transactions, Charlie has helped countless people become the best version of themselves they can be through public speaking & one on one productivity coaching.

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