Real Estate Consulting

Buyer Representation

For most people, their home is the largest financial investment they will ever make yet buying a home can be an extremely emotional process - especially in New York City.  Having a team of professionals supporting you throughout every step of the process is paramount to ensuring a smart, smooth transaction.  While having an attorney, accountant, mortgage professional, financial advisor, architect, decorator, contractor and, at times, a therapist are all vital members of the team, your broker is essentially the captain of that team, acting as the lynch pin bringing all people together and helping you source the right team members.  Looking at apartments or houses is the fun part, the behind the scenes work needed, however, can be a daunting process with unforeseen roadblocks at every turn.  Having a broker with excellent knowledge of the current market conditions and inventory is important yet the ability to solve problems on the fly and coordinate all aspects of the sales process, while keeping your best interests at the forefront of all decisions, is indispensable. 

Seller Representation

If buying a home can be an emotional process, selling your home can be even more taxing (and not just because of the Capital Gains) as your memories are just as much a part of your home as the walls and floors.  Having a broker who understands the financial ramifications of a sale, along with the apathy to guide you towards your end goal, is crucial.  People sell for different reasons, some happy and some not, however maximizing your investment is something that needs to be put first and no two properties can be marketed the same way.  From staging to de-cluttering, followed by photos and videos to advertising and cold calling, and finally negotiating...each process is different because every seller has a different end goal.  Your broker needs to understand all aspects of the sales process, of course, yet the most important part is understanding why you're selling in order to craft a custom plan to help you reach your goal.

Investor Representation 

Andrew Carnegie famously said "90% of all millionaires became so through real estate" and for the past two centuries, that has remained true.  Whether you are purchasing your first family home or buying a large apartment complex, you are INVESTING.  Investing in real estate makes sense for many reasons...Tax benefits, passive income, tangible assets, appreciation, cash flow, etc... However deciding the right investment strategy can be tricky.  Unlike other investments, you will need to work backwards and have a defined, executable and comprehensive exit strategy first.  In other words, you will need to know how to get your money out before you spend a dime.  A good broker knows this and will help you strategize from the exit to your first purchase and then assemble the right team to help with marketing, leasing and property management.

Notable Past Transactions

35 East 68th Street #2A, New York, NY - $3,950,000

714A Quincy Street, Brooklyn, NY - $2,300,000

589 Putnam Street, Brooklyn, NY - $1,950,000

49 Albany Street, Brooklyn, NY - $1,850,000

150 West 56th Street #3402, New York, NY - $1,475,000

150 West 59th Street #2206, New York, NY - $1,375,000

445 West 54th Street #6A, New York, NY - $1,250,000

13 West 13th Street #6HS, New York, NY - $849,000

301 East 79th Street #4C, New York, NY - $799,000

250 East 40th Street #6A, New York, NY - $780,000

360 East 72nd Street #A712, New York, NY - $760,000

334 West 87th Street #1D, New York, NY - $699,000

227 Central Park West #2C, New York, NY - $695,000

345 East 93rd Street #29F, New York, NY - $655,000

80 East End Avenue #10A, New York, NY - $625,000

250 East 30th Street #5C, New York, NY - $575,000

444 East 87th Street #5A, New York, NY - $475,000

521 East 83rd Street #1W, New York, NY - $369,000

321 East 45th Street, #9H, New York, NY - $298,000

37-21 80th Street #3R, Queens, NY - $260,000

*In addition to these most recent transactions, Charlie has represented countless other buyers, sellers, landlords and renters complete over 300 real estate transactions during his 7 years in brokerage.